Connecting Sponsors with Sites

Trial Management Organization with commitment to quality to help both the biopharmaceutical industry and clinical research sites successfully address challenges and achieve high-quality goals

For Sponsor and CRO

Integrity Research provides Sponsors and CROs with access to hundreds of Canadian research sites in practically every therapeutic area. We use various sources to select high performing sites for your study.

For Research Site

Integrity Research’s goal is to identify new study opportunities for your clinical research site. We provide administrative support to the sites from the start-up process, throughout the course of the study, and on to post-trial follow-up.

Source Doc Worksheets

Avoid inadequate documentation and minimize protocol deviations at the site. Our worksheets serve as a guide for site staff through each study visit ensuring that all the procedures are performed per protocol and ICH-GCP.

Contact Us to Learn More

Please contact us to learn more about how we may be of assistance

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